Best Insurance Agency

How did you decide to get a quote from Us?
“Local agent and I wasn’t happy with level of service from my previous agent.”
What was your level of understanding regarding your insurance prior to us?

What is your level of understanding now?
“ High.”

Comments regarding the WAY we quoted your insurance?
“I appreciated the personal level of service I received, didn’t really need the video.”

Any suggestions or constructive criticism?
“ No ”.

Would you recommend us to others?
“ Absolutely.”

Overall thoughts and comments?
“Most people are happy with the initial quote they receive when switching to a new insurance agent. The real test is are they happy afterwards? I deliberately waited to fill out the new client satisfaction survey until I had more experience with Whiting and I have to say that my satisfaction has been 10 out of 10. I have had a few changes since first signing on and I’ve been more than impressed with the personal attention and quick delivery of service. I am not an easy person to satisfy as I am usually disappointed with less than accurate representations, but I can truthfully state that Whiting Insurance Agency has never let me down and has convinced me that they are the best agency going.”

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