Excellent, High Tec

How did you decide to get a quote from Us?
“Advertising in Bethlehem magazine and location to our home. We always try to “shop” locally.”

What was your level of understanding regarding your insurance prior to us?
“We understood the policies but did not keep up with why policies kept increasing, something we plan to do now.”

What is your level of understanding now?
“Bruce’s presentation was excellent “high tech” worked for us, everything was right in front of us as we went along.”

Comments regarding the WAY we quoted your insurance?
“See above.”

Would you recommend us to others?
“ Yes.”

Overall thoughts and comments?
“Insurance is often an expense that we don’t feel good about spending, especially a small business person. Yet we were convinced that we were getting sufficient insurance for the cost and would be comfortable approaching Bruce each year to make sure we are in line.”

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