Great Job

How did you decide to get a quote from Us?
“Bill Asprion had mentioned you and your ad that had his picture on it. I’ve known Bill for over 20 years and I trust his suggestions and judgement.”

What was your level of understanding regarding your insurance prior to us?
“Limited and unsure of some things.”

What is your level of understanding now?
“Much much better.”

Comments regarding the WAY we quoted your insurance?
“Bruce Whiting explained every item for the policies and compared my old ones to his new ones. He provided charts and written explanations for me to make it clearer and more understandable.”

Any suggestions or constructive criticism?
“ Not at all.”

Would you recommend us to others?
“ Absolutely.”

Overall thoughts and comments?
“Having an agent/broker nearby is so much better for me. Bruce was patient and made the policy insurance changes easy to understand. I was impressed by how quickly the policy was expedited and in my hands. Thanks bruce Donna and Linda@ Great Job. I am very appreciative.”

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