Never before in 53 years….

How did you decide to get a quote from Us?
“I first noticed your building sometime last year, & had been thinking of stopping in ever since then”

What was your level of understanding regarding your insurance prior to us?
“ Each time I see something about insurance and/or receive information from my insurance company, I read it & “try” to understand what I have read. A lot of times it is explained in terms that I do not understand, but I keep trying to learn & gain knowledge. My level of understanding regarding my insurance is very moderate.”

What is your level of understanding now?
“ After meeting with Bruce Whiting, we are beginning to understand a lot more about our policies.”

Comments regarding the WAY we quoted your insurance?
“ Never before, in the 53 years we have had insurance, has anyone ever given us such a thorough explanation of the various aspects of our homeowner & automobile policies as Bruce Whiting did at our meeting with him. .”

Any suggestions or constructive criticism?
“ None at this time”.

Would you recommend us to others?
“ Most definitely yes! I already recommended someone who will be contacting you.”

Overall thoughts and comments?
“Even though I was a “walk in” , Linda stopped what she was doing & took care of me. She is very knowledgeable & quite thorough with gathering needed information & answering my questions. Two days later, we had our meeting with Bruce. He walked us through all options available to us with our homeowner, auto & umbrella policies, thoroughly explaining each item, but in the end, leaving the decision as to what we wanted up to us. We now have new policies which give us a lot more protection at less cost. As I previously stated, never before has anyone ever taken the time to explain insurance material to us in such depth as was done by Bruce. It is also nice to know that Bruce & his staff will be available to us if & when we need them.”

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