Quality of Service that is unsurpassed

“It happens without warning. Your life is turned upside down and you think things will never be
the same.

When I was preparing to sell my house the contractor started a fire. I got a frantic phone call at
work in the middle of the afternoon telling me my house was on fire. I raced home all the while
trying to imagine what could have happened and how bad it was? I came upon the house only
to be stopped by a fireman trying to reroute me because the road was closed “there’s a fire up
here ma’m.” “I know” I told the fireman, “it’s my house.”

The rest is the crazy reality that exists when a catastrophic event like a fire in your home disrupts
your life. Fortunately for me I had my insurance through a small local company who I knew I could
trust. I was on the phone on the drive home speaking with my agent, asking her what to do. She
very calmly told me not to worry, that they would take care of things. She told me that Bruce (the
owner of Whiting Insurance) would meet me at the house.

I was pleasantly surprised. Why would the owner of Whiting be coming? Was this normal? But
there he was when I arrived. Bruce witnessed firsthand the damage done by the fire and the
efforts to contain it. He walked through the house with me and consoled me in the almost surreal
moments following the fire.

Throughout the reconstruction process Bruce was only a phone call away with answers to even the
minutest questions. This was something I had never done before and could not have imagined the
detail involved in the repair process. When the reconstruction crew called me with questions, I
called Bruce without hesitation. Bruce guided me throught the process with reassuring confidence
that it would all come together. And it did. Within three months of completing the restoration I sold
the house.

Whiting Insurance has been there for me. They provided comfort, confidence, and quality of service
that is unsurpassed. I will not forget the day Bruce showed up in my driveway and walked through a
very wet sloppy house, still dripping with water from the fire department. Thank you Bruce. “

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